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    Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited you’re here! My name is Pamela Lin and I’m a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA and London, England, a daydreamer, a doer, and mostly just a girl with a neverending heart and love for all things wonderful. I like the quiet as much as I love the noise. This is where I post my inspiration, photo work, and things I think are cool, weird, and wonderful.

Journey | Singapore | Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an extraordinary place in Singapore. The main gardens are contained in two domes, one as a cloud forest and the other as a flower dome. Each unique and beautiful. Outside of the domes, you can also visit the Super Trees. These uniquely designed vertical gardens of 25 to 50-metres tall have large canopies provide shade in the day and come alive with a display of light and sound at night. If you’re ever in Singapore, make sure you check it out.

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Journey | Interstate 40 Roadtrip | Day four – Little Rock, Arkansas to Jefferson City, Tennessee

Day four
Itinerary: Little Rock, Arkansas to Jefferson City, Tennessee in 8 hours.
Weather Condition: Cold and windy with sunny skies throughout Tennessee
Miles Driven: 520 miles
Stops: Clinton Memorial and Park in Little Rock AK, Memphis TN, Nashville TN and Jefferson City TN.

We got up at 730AM this morning and got ready to head out again on our final day of driving before reaching Tennessee. Skipping breakfast, we headed south into downtown Little Rock and crossed the Arkansas River to visit the Clinton Presidential Center and Park for a little walk. It’s real pretty down there with a beautiful modern building overlooking the river, autumn leaves on the ground, and the old historical bridge. After a stroll and snaps with curious george, we hopped on the road Tennessee bound!

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Journey | Interstate 40 Roadtrip | Day three – Amarillo, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas via Oklahoma City

Day three
Itinerary: Amarillo, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas in 9.5 hours.
Weather Condition: Cold and windy in Oklahoma and heavy  rain and lightning in Arksansas
Miles Driven: 597 miles
Stops: Oklahoma City OK, Stockyard City OK and North Little Rock AK

The more East we go, the earlier I have to go to bed with the time change. We woke up bright and early at 7am and had a light breakfast in the La Quinta reception. Not an exciting breakfast, but I had a lot planned for today so we checked out early. Stacy had sent me a guide to Amarillo and there were at least two places we had to go before leaving town. The first was the Donut Stop. Google Maps had quite a few locations not far from the hotel however when we drove there they were no where to be found. We drove up and down Coulter Street looking for the two Donut Stops and found nothing. The attendant at the gas station said it was across the street, but she must have been smoking something because there was a burger stand in it’s place. We gave up after 20 minutes driving up and down the same street and headed over to the second place I wanted to see in West Amarillo on the I-40 – Cadillac Ranch. If you are driving into Amarillo, it is just 5 miles outside of town off Frontage Road on the south side. Cadillac Ranch is an art installation in the middle of a field with a bunch of Cadillacs buried face down in the ground so hold two-thirds of the car is visible. They are all graffiti’d up and visitors are encouraged to bring their own spray can and make their mark. In photos on the web, the graffiti was actually better however with time it seems everyone with a spray can, and not all artists, have made the cars rather hideous. A few of the car doors looked like they had been stolen as well, but maybe that is the purpose of this type of installation. The evolution of the piece with visitors making their ‘mark’. I took a quick few photos and got back on the road. View full post »

Journey | Interstate 40 Roadtrip | Day two – Flagstaff, Arizona to Amarillo, Texas via New Mexico

Day two
Itinerary: Flagstaff, Arizona to Amarillo, Texas in 9 hours.
Weather Condition: Clear with a little snow and rain along the way in Arizona/New Mexico.  Cleared up by the time we reached Texas.
Miles Driven: 608 miles
Stops: Albuquerque, New Mexico and Amarillo, Texas

After a good night’s rest from our first day’s drive, we woke up bright and early to find snow on the ground. Hotel Aspen had a cute little breakfast bar and it seems make-your-own waffles is a thing out here. We had a 9 hour drive ahead, so we quickly checked out and got back on the I-40 East leaving Flagstaff. Along the way, we saw numerous signs for the Meteor Crater and decided to have a quick look. A quick look turned into an hour (its a fun little 10min drive from the Interstate each way) and since there was admission we spent a little more time looking at the giant hole in the ground. While it was interesting to check out, winter is probably not the best time to go. It was super windy and cold standing on the observation decks but I got some cool photos. I wish I had my fish eye and got a wider shot – next time. View full post »