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    Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited you’re here! My name is Pamela Lin and I’m a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA and London, England, a daydreamer, a doer, and mostly just a girl with a neverending heart and love for all things wonderful. I like the quiet as much as I love the noise. This is where I post my inspiration, photo work, and things I think are cool, weird, and wonderful.

tara + tim | wedding | cottesloe civic center | cottesloe, western australia

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to go to Australia and attend Tara and Tim’s Wedding shindig in Perth. Tara is one of my best friends from my time in London, we lived together and became close friends over the years in England. When she announced her engagement last year I was so happy for her and Tim and couldn’t wait to go to Australia to meet the lucky guy marrying one of the sweetest gals I know. Tara + Tim – thank you for sharing such an amazing week with us. Hope you will get to come back and visit me in california one of these days!

Here are some photos I took as a guest of the wedding (making sure not to get in the way of the photographer of the day).

Skyping the wedding for Grandma – so cute!

We’re live Skyping!

Journey | Western Australia | Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth

One of the best things about Caversham Wildlife Park is how close you can get up to the animals and even interact with a lot of them.  Only a train and bus ride away from the center of Perth, I prefer visiting a park like this than going to a big national zoo. My favorite was visiting with the Kangaroos. They were a bit lazy, and sleepy in the sun but as soon as you pick up some pellet feed, they awaken to surround you to be fed. I was also excited to see the Koala’s, but they turned out to be a bit of a letdown since they were ALL asleep. I get it, they eat poisonous leaves that have little nutrition but someone wake one of the up please so I can hug one! Just kidding. View full post »

Journey | Western Australia | Rottnest Island

Only a 30minute Ferry Ride away from Fremantle, Perth in Western Australia is a beautiful island called Rottnest. Clear blue waters and clean sandy beaches, it was beautiful spending the day there. If you’re on the island, the best way to see it is by bike and snorkel. There is a shuttle bus that takes you around the island too but if you want to get to trails, a bike will come in handy. Plan to spend a least a whole day there, go early in the morning and either stay overnight or take the last ferry back. The best deal is on Tuesday, you can book your tickets online for a discount but do it early (they sell out quick). Also if you want to see the sealife living around the island, take the Adventure Tour. It’s a little pricey but its the best way to get around the island in 90minutes and see parts that you couldn’t by bike. View full post »