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    Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited you’re here! My name is Pamela Lin and I’m a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA and London, England, a daydreamer, a doer, and mostly just a girl with a neverending heart and love for all things wonderful. I like the quiet as much as I love the noise. This is where I post my inspiration, photo work, and things I think are cool, weird, and wonderful.

Journey | New York | a week in the big apple

Spent a week in New York this September. Fall is one of my favorite seasons there and it was lovely to walk through the city everyday. I didn’t take my 5D with me but took photos with my x100s and iPhone. I’ve been playing around with VSCOCAM for editing and shot most of these with the iPhone.

Schwartzemori | family portrait session | santa monica, ca

I’ve known Emily from my MySpace and BuzzMedia days and she is always full of life and fun stories. You never know what to expect when you hang out with her, and meeting her whole family for the first time was just as much of a treat. They are all so loving and warm and as you can see from this fun photo session – they are a fun bunch! They live in a beautiful home that her husband designed and it’s looks like a home you’d see in Dwell or Wallpaper. It was such a lovely afternoon in their garden and playing with their little girl. One valuable lesson I learned from this photo session – feed the kids before you shoot!

Daddys little girl

 Emily is famous for her jumping travel photos. She gets major air!

 The Schwartzemori Family 2013

mostly monkeys | animal santuary | ramona, ca

I was rummaging through some old photos in my archive and found some photos I shot a few years ago when I visited Mostly Monkeys. Mostly Monkeys is a sanctuary for unwanted and abused Monkeys and Animals. The facility is currently home to 55 animals including various species of monkeys, a Mountain Lion, Fennec Fox, Badger, and a Kinkajou.

Mostly Monkeys is a non profit organization founded by Suzy Carey and is supported soley by private donations. Carey is also a zookeeper at the San Diego Wildlife Park and spends her time after work at the sanctuary.

Many of the animals are unwanted by Zoos and Reserves because they are either too common in species or have developed neurotic behaviors. These neurotic personalities are a result of being caged up and socializing with humans for most of their life. This would disable them from socializing normally with wild monkeys or captive monkeys in zoos.



I went out to visit the sanctuary for a journalism assignment and was blown away at how many animals she takes care of. Its an amazing facility and I’ve gone back a couple times to visit and plan to go again soon. More photos on my flickr.

For more information, how to schedule a tour, and to make a donation